Christmas For Jacey

Today is Christmas morning for Jacey which means I was up until 4 this morning putting together a kitchen. Then I waited to see her reaction. It needed to be great because Jess has been waiting to give this to her for a month. The moment came and Jacey was very surprirsed. I am not sure she knew how important it was to be surprised but thankfully we won't deal with the fallout of her running pass the kitchen, that took hours together, and grabbing some random present. I might have broke something and Jess would have been in tears... that's the Christmas spirit right. But all in all it has been amazing already. We have cooked eggs cupcakes and so much more. These are truly special times! It brings back the memories of how fun it is to see those new gifts on Christmas morning but the most important thing is to remember that it was a gift that still surprises me today, that is the reason for Christmas(even if it is the wrong time of the year) The gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins. Every time I stop to pray for something I have done wrong or some need I am surprised again that Jesus listens and my eyes light up again knowing what is given to me day after day. It's not 365 days TO Christmas next year. It's 365 days OF Christmas for those who accept the real gift meant to be opened day after day.

This has been a good Christmas season for me and for those who know my seemingly endless soapboxes concerning Christmas, you know that is a big thing.

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