Preventative Maintenance

I took the church van for an oil change... while waiting for them to finish this basic preventative maintenance (later referred to as P.M.) on this van, my head was spinning with things I needed to do, things I couldn't do, things I could control, things I can't. I was overwhelmed with answering seemingly simple questions made complicated by life. A huge revelation hit me... I am a few thousand miles over on some P.M. What is that you might ask? My father has told me for years to learn how to relax. Easier said than done, but necessary P.M. Planning ahead, saving, forcing vacations... P.M. Being more clear about your emotional state to those you love and who love you... P.M. The list could go on and on... I realized I need an oil change... but the thought of making it happen stresses me... that's when you know you've let yourself slide. But at least I know what I must do... and Knowing is half the battle... G.I. Joe!!!

Deep Thought: If I let my car go without an oil change, is it the manufacturer's fault when it leaves me on the side of the road? Is it God's fault when we forget that there was the command of a sabbath rest? "For the church" or not... break from work must come and it will by choice... or by your body shutting down.


Good days

Ever notice how amazing pictures of nature are... or how the drawn out description of emotions for something creates a great poem. It's because stopping and taking the time to take something in brings out the beauty and greatness of that moment. Too many times we are put out and overwhelmed because of how life seems to be going, but beautiful things are happening and waiting to be noticed. Unless we take them in all we can see is the next task, the next demand for our time, the schedule next week, the bills coming, but all around you are things like, a beautiful day full of possibilities where the birds are singing, breeze is blowing, trees slow dance in the background. You have people who love you longing for another moment with you. There are people silently or openly cheering you on wishing you the best. God above has a perfect plan, a road map that surely has some obstacles but it will accomplish amazing things for your life and the kingdom. He looks down and says "This is my child, who I am proud of, and whom I am well pleased" Good things are there.

This is the situation for most of us and there is so much more to be noticed. Forget just smelling the flowers consume the beauty of your day!!

Deep Thought: If good is always waiting to be taken in, and the bad is more obvious when we go too fast, then do we really have bad days, or just fast days.


I'm Amazed

When God speaks things it's amazing how specific He can be and how timely. The majority of the time if a word is not clear for a situation it's because I wasn't willing to speak and by speaking reveal the truth and know it fit. Sunday God spoke things to me different from what I was praying for someone and by speaking at that moment it revealed the truth that God had just spoken the same to this person. My faith is built his faith is built and by this God was able to do a work that might have been delayed. Am I special?? Certainly not in myself but in the new creation I've been made to be. Today words were confirmed wisdom given and I'm amazed at how detailed and faithful His words are. I shouldn't be but that proves to me the growth that is coming. Wow what will happen when I really get this.

Deep Thought: Most difficult question you'll ever answer "What is the one thing you don't want me to ask?"

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In light of all that will happen in the next few days the range of emotions is understandable. Tomorrow by brother will be getting married (Excitement, congrats), I will be performing the wedding (Anxious, once in a lifetime deal), Sunday i will be preaching on Sexual Secrets (Empowered, passionate), Invited friends to hear me preach for the first time (What was I thinking this is on sexual secrets, excited glad their coming)... Exactly full range of emotions.

But I must say life gives us plenty of opportunities to experience a full range of emotions but the tricky thing is that no matter what emotions we experience our attitude and response is always a personal choice. So with smiles, grace, and mercy I face the weekend. I'm loving who I am and more who I'm becoming. That is a lot for me and gives me great hope of what God will be able to do with that for my family and "The Church".

For those old school readers of my posts... A Deep Thought: If pointing up is the same direction as someone pointing down on the other side of the Earth, and the Earth is spinning and orbiting so if we pointed up long enough we would point in all different directions, then what is direction. Not an absolute but simply perspective. When I ask God for direction I'm reminded it is always in perspective not absolutes.