Good days

Ever notice how amazing pictures of nature are... or how the drawn out description of emotions for something creates a great poem. It's because stopping and taking the time to take something in brings out the beauty and greatness of that moment. Too many times we are put out and overwhelmed because of how life seems to be going, but beautiful things are happening and waiting to be noticed. Unless we take them in all we can see is the next task, the next demand for our time, the schedule next week, the bills coming, but all around you are things like, a beautiful day full of possibilities where the birds are singing, breeze is blowing, trees slow dance in the background. You have people who love you longing for another moment with you. There are people silently or openly cheering you on wishing you the best. God above has a perfect plan, a road map that surely has some obstacles but it will accomplish amazing things for your life and the kingdom. He looks down and says "This is my child, who I am proud of, and whom I am well pleased" Good things are there.

This is the situation for most of us and there is so much more to be noticed. Forget just smelling the flowers consume the beauty of your day!!

Deep Thought: If good is always waiting to be taken in, and the bad is more obvious when we go too fast, then do we really have bad days, or just fast days.

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  1. So true. God spoke to me about this very thing one day last summer. It was late afternoon and Madeline and I were driving over to the church for some reason. It was a gorgeous day, beautiful sky, perfect temperature - just the right kind of day for riding with the top down. In my mind I was bemoaning the fact that I have so little time to really enjoy doing that. God said to me, "You're doing it right now, and I gave you a perfect day, country roads, and a whole hour to enjoy it. Quit complaining." How often are we in the midst of the very thing we've longed for, yet fail to even recognize it.