I'm Amazed

When God speaks things it's amazing how specific He can be and how timely. The majority of the time if a word is not clear for a situation it's because I wasn't willing to speak and by speaking reveal the truth and know it fit. Sunday God spoke things to me different from what I was praying for someone and by speaking at that moment it revealed the truth that God had just spoken the same to this person. My faith is built his faith is built and by this God was able to do a work that might have been delayed. Am I special?? Certainly not in myself but in the new creation I've been made to be. Today words were confirmed wisdom given and I'm amazed at how detailed and faithful His words are. I shouldn't be but that proves to me the growth that is coming. Wow what will happen when I really get this.

Deep Thought: Most difficult question you'll ever answer "What is the one thing you don't want me to ask?"

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