In light of all that will happen in the next few days the range of emotions is understandable. Tomorrow by brother will be getting married (Excitement, congrats), I will be performing the wedding (Anxious, once in a lifetime deal), Sunday i will be preaching on Sexual Secrets (Empowered, passionate), Invited friends to hear me preach for the first time (What was I thinking this is on sexual secrets, excited glad their coming)... Exactly full range of emotions.

But I must say life gives us plenty of opportunities to experience a full range of emotions but the tricky thing is that no matter what emotions we experience our attitude and response is always a personal choice. So with smiles, grace, and mercy I face the weekend. I'm loving who I am and more who I'm becoming. That is a lot for me and gives me great hope of what God will be able to do with that for my family and "The Church".

For those old school readers of my posts... A Deep Thought: If pointing up is the same direction as someone pointing down on the other side of the Earth, and the Earth is spinning and orbiting so if we pointed up long enough we would point in all different directions, then what is direction. Not an absolute but simply perspective. When I ask God for direction I'm reminded it is always in perspective not absolutes.


  1. Joben, I really like your blog..I will definitely be checking it more often. I love posts that make me stop and ponder on a thought :)
    Good luck preaching this Sunday. I wish that I could be there to hear; the last time I heard you preach, it was absolutely amazing!!!! Very anointed!!!

  2. Thanks! LOL deep blog you compliment me and the depth of my response is "thanks!" but it's the heart of it that's deep.