Preventative Maintenance

I took the church van for an oil change... while waiting for them to finish this basic preventative maintenance (later referred to as P.M.) on this van, my head was spinning with things I needed to do, things I couldn't do, things I could control, things I can't. I was overwhelmed with answering seemingly simple questions made complicated by life. A huge revelation hit me... I am a few thousand miles over on some P.M. What is that you might ask? My father has told me for years to learn how to relax. Easier said than done, but necessary P.M. Planning ahead, saving, forcing vacations... P.M. Being more clear about your emotional state to those you love and who love you... P.M. The list could go on and on... I realized I need an oil change... but the thought of making it happen stresses me... that's when you know you've let yourself slide. But at least I know what I must do... and Knowing is half the battle... G.I. Joe!!!

Deep Thought: If I let my car go without an oil change, is it the manufacturer's fault when it leaves me on the side of the road? Is it God's fault when we forget that there was the command of a sabbath rest? "For the church" or not... break from work must come and it will by choice... or by your body shutting down.

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